Nigel Twinn

June or July

date and venue to be determined

The Linear Landscape

A field trip with Nigel Twinn



Nigel Twinn has been a dowser for a couple of decades.

He fronted up the Tamar Dowsers between 2002 and 2018, and has been a member of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD) since 2000.

He was given the BSD’s Bell Award for Dowsing Literature in 2008 and 2016, and received the BSD’s BIlly Gawn award for his contributions to Earth Energy Dowsing in 2014.

This outing will look at many of the types of ‘long straight lines’ that can be dowsed on the surface of our planet.  From Leys to planetary grids, lines of thought to lines of energy and gravity, Nigel will try to demonstrate and provide practical assistence in finding them.

Even experienced dowsers often get confused about the difference between some of these features, and for the novice, it can be something of an etheric minefield.

Previous such outings have generated much discussion about the findings – even when the participnats are standing side by side!  Do come along and try it for yourself.

Bring your dowsing tools, if you have any.

If not, dowsing rods can be provided.

Free to members of the Tamar and Devon Dowsers – by donation for guests.

Full details to follow in due course.

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