David Lockwood

 May – date to be confirmed

Health Dowsing Workshop

David Lockwood

Dowser – Geomancer – Healer – Teacher


Telephone: 0156686024                    Email:davelockwood03@hotmail.com

Website:  healer_dowser.com


I have been a Teacher, Healer and a Dowser for over 20 years and have a great enthusiasm for teaching and enjoy sharing my knowledge. I am a Geomancer. (Earth Healer) I enjoy running courses and making new friends and being inspired with new ideas and will share my latest discoveries with beginners and the more experienced. I feel Dowsing is a simple but powerful skill, which can be used by almost everyone to harness natural forces for their Spirituality, Health, Harmony and Wellbeing. 

 I have been a Tutor for the British Society of Dowsers; I am a Tutor and Chair for the Duchy Healers Association affiliated to the British Alliance of Healing Association and a Reiki Master.  I have given many talks, courses and workshops on Dowsing and Healing at my home in North Cornwall and around the country where requested.

 David works with Finding Water, Healing Sad Houses and Places, Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress, Dowsing for Health, Past Life Research and Healing, Ancestral Healing and Soul Release.

 During this talk members will learn about the nature of disease and will dowse their Auras and Chakras and may find issues linked to their health.  Explore food allergies, remedies, Dowse for what Vitamins and Minerals to use and encourage dowsing to find a way to optimum health and vitality. 



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