Sue Weaver

Sunday 20th October

Sue Weaver




Sue has been a Crystal Healer for over 25 years and founded the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing in 1996.  The School offers courses and workshops from complete beginners to full therapist training with a Diploma Course in Crystal Healing that is fully accredited by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations.

Sue will give a presentation on Crystals and their different energy frequencies.  As dowsers you are familiar with the Pendulum and probably many dowsers have used crystals for Pendulums.  If you are looking for yes/no answers it does not matter what Crystal you use.  However each Crystal has its own energy frequency and you can choose to work with different Crystals for different purposes. This may help you with your Dowsing, Healing and when researching the land. 

Sue will also introduce Cristal Grids the discuss some of the Crystal Grids on that Sue and her partner Marcus have worked with at various Sacred Sites.  

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