Dr Andrew Tresidder

Sunday 17thFebruary

 Dr Andrew Tresidder MB BS MRCGP Cert Med Ed

A GP working in Chard, Somerset, SW England.


Andrew’s latest book Health and Self Care is available as a free download from the web www.healthandself.care

He is one of many doctors who believe that patient empowerment is the key to better health in the community.

He also assists organisations to develop emotional health strategies to enhance corporate and individual wellbeing.

Dr Andrew Tresidder, Somerset GP for 25 years, has been a long term user and teacher of Bach Flower Remedies as tools for personal development. He is fascinated by what makes us tick and how to tick better – ideally without too much effort (but nothing comes without some input)

 The talk will look at what it is to be a human being, how our software works, ways to help it work better, ways to retune, including Bach Flower and other essences, acupressure and some chakra work

 Andrew’s previous book titles include I’m Fine, Learning to Unblock Our Emotions, and a small contribution to Bach Remedies  and Other Flower Essences by Vivien Williamson. Health and Self Care will be available on the day, as will Bach Remedy sets at a special price.

 Come along and have fun learning!


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