Adrian Incledon Webber

Sunday March 10th

Holy Sites – Sacred Spaces 

Speaker: Adrian Incledon-Webber

Spirit Work and Geomancer



Adrian’s new book, Spirit and Earth, written with fellow Hamish Miller acolyte, Tim Walter, will doubtless form the basis of his presentation. 

Dowsing is limited only by the extent of your imagination

So what makes a site Holy?  Is there actually a difference from a Sacred Place?

We cannot know for sure what our ancestors were truly thinking when they built Avebury and Stonehenge.  All the information suggests they were and still are important sites of worship.

So, was the sighting of these monuments to do with the pre-existing energy patterns or for some other reason?  

What was considered the first Sacred Site or Holy Place, and what makes them so?

How strong a part does a human emotion and intent play in all of this?

What influence does Mother Nature and her Elementals have at these sites?

What was the very first Sacred Space and the first Holy Site?

During his talk Adrian will hopefully answer these and many other interesting questions.

Adrian lives in Yorkshire and is well known for his talks, workshops and courses on dowsing and related subjects. He is an author and film maker, his DVD ‘Intuition’ and his book ‘Heal Your Home’, has been described as the bible of geopathic stress and will be available on the afternoon of his talk .

 Spirit & Earth is as much for people starting out on their ’spiritual’ journey as those people who have trodden the pathway for many years.


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