Marcus Mason

Sunday 7th April

“How Acupuncture and Astrology can inform us about working with Earth Energy Lines”

Marcus sml3

This illustrated talk will explore how the laws and principles that govern the movement of energy in the Acupuncture meridians in the human body and the movements of the planets in the heavens can inform us about working with the Earth’s energy grids. 

Marcus Mason has practised Traditional Acupuncture and Western Astrology for over 30 years; he has taught his approach to ‘Soul-Purpose Astrology’ in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and USA. 

He has also had a life-long fascination with ancient sacred sites and the patterns, relationships and connections that they create, through the Earth’s leylines, energy lines and “dragon” lines. Over many years he has applied his understanding of Astrology and Acupuncture to work with the relationship between the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets and their effects on sacred sites and the Earth energy grids. He has co-led groups to facilitate this work in the UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, the Canaries, Alaska and Hawaii.  

In this talk, he will share some of the insights, teachings and experiences gleaned over many years, from working in this way.


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