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Dowsing Course

Introduction to Dowsing for Beginners


Innyside House  Trewen  PL15 8QF


1-day course:  Sunday 24thFebruary 2019

9.45am – 4pm

Tea/coffee/biscuits provided – cost £30

A veggi lunch for £6 optional

Slippers and warm clothes for outside.  Tools provided and for sale



An experience dowsing tutor

Tutor and Chair for the Duchy Healers Association affiliated to

The British Alliance of Healing Associations

Plymouth University and SEDA teaching certificates

Healer and Dowser for over 20 years

Reiki Master and Teacher

Course content:

Introductions; history and philosophy of dowsing

uses and practical applications

use of tools

clear and concise questions

divining underground streams – analyse

discuss ley and earth energy systems

exploring changing energy fields

practical mapping of earth energies

psychic protection

map dowsing

dowsing techniques

dowsing in every day life

dowsing ethics

Course booking through David or Denise by email or phone


davelockwood03@hotmail.com            0156686024


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