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 NEWSLETTER – November 2018

 Greetings fellow dowsers!

 The winter season is progressing well, with another fascinating talk, this time by the very experienced Penwith-based dowser, John Moss, relating the history and characters of the dowsing world west of the Hayle Estuary.  It was another well-attended event, so we must be doing something right.  See attached write-up. 

It was doubly pleasing to see Denise Lockwood, who will be taking over the lead role of the Tamar Dowsers in the New Year, looking surprisingly sprightly for someone with a brand new knee. 

My last event as front-of-house will be the presentation by Andy Burnham, entitled The Old Stones.  This recently published, and dowsing-friendly work, has been sending out ripples in its field, being both a state-of-the-discipline compendium of megalithic sites and also taking a more nuanced approach to the non-physical environment.  Looking for something a bit different to give to your alternative friends this coming Solstice?  I am sure Andy will be bringing along his books, and will be available to sign them at North Hill Village Hall on Sunday December 9th.  Book Review from the Internet: ‘The most comprehensive and thought-provoking field guide ever published to the iconic standing stones and prehistoric places of Britain and Ireland.  This ultimate insiders’ guide gives unparalleled insight into where to find prehistoric sites and how to understand them, by drawing on the knowledge, expertise and passion of the archaeologists, theorists, photographers and stones aficionados who contribute to the world’s biggest megalithic website – the Megalithic Portal.’ 

For the January event, Denise has signed up Sue Edwards and Alan Jones (we have had a couple of excellent presentations by Alan in previous years) to give a talk on Pagans, witches and heathens amongst us.‘The terms Pagan, Witch and Heathen have been used in the past as terms of derision especially within certain religious groups. However, nowadays, they are used to define a particular spiritual path – one that is generally nature-based, broadly animistic and could be seen as being close to the earliest forms of religion. This talk will explore who these people are, what beliefs they share and why many of their practices have a relevance in the 21st Century.’ 

We also have Adrian Incledon-Webber coming back to speak to us on Sunday 17thMarch. His new book, Spirit and Earth, written with fellow Hamish Miller acolyte, Tim Walter, will doubtless form the basis of his presentation.  

I gave a talk to the Devon Dowsers last week, standing in for Maria Wheatley, who was unavailable at the last minute.  The subject was The Linear Landscape- and I agreed to do a workshop around it in 2019 – so hopefully that will be a joint TDs/DDs event (and preferably on a nice day in the summer!). 

In the meantime – hope to see you all again soon.                                               Nigel

Forthcoming events by other local dowsing groups:

Devon Dowsers

Trencrom Dowsers

Saturday 19 January: Anu van Warmelo: Healing with Feng Shui and Geomancy.  An introduction to the ancient Chinese art, including new perspectives of working with lung mei, the ‘dragon veins’ of Feng Shui.   Anu has had many diverse jobs but now specialises in Feng Shui and goemancy and is also an author.  His unique “Terra Firma Feng Shui” uses a blend of ancient disciplines and modern technology to bring harmony to the environment. 



EVENTS 2018/9

Sun 9thDecember 2018

Andy Burnham

The Old Stones

North Hill Village Hall PL15 7PA

(about 3 miles north of

Upton Cross in East Cornwall)

Starting at 14.15   Everyone welcome

Free to members – non-members £4

(includes refreshments)

Sunday 13thJanuary 2019

Alan Jones and Sue Edwards

Pagans, witches and heathens amongst us

A 21st Century take on an age-old worldview

Arrangements as above

Sunday 17thFebruary

TBA – Arrangements as above

Sunday 17thMarch

Adrian Incledon-Webber

Spirit and Earth

 Arrangements as above

Sat/Sun 6th/ 7thApril

British Society of Dowsers

Spring Symposium

Worcester University


Hopefully later in 2019

Peter Knight, Cornish Rock Art, an Acupuncturist, NT’s field trip The Linear Landscape – and so much more!

Please note: While every effort is made to ensure that the events run by the Tamar Dowsers are well organised and well thought out, those attending any of the above events do so entirely at their own risk.





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