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NEWSLETTER – November 2017

Autumnal greetings, fellow TDs!

This month’s talk by Peter Knight was yet another well-attended and very well received presentation. Despite no doubt having given this presentation numerous times, Peter always manages to retain and display a boyish enthusiasm for his work, which comes across both in this professional work and his personal commitment. Peter and his partner Sue have a deep affiliation with our area, and who knows, one day we may even be welcoming them into our fold.

Peter will be running various days and weekends in the area next summer, details of which will be passed on when I get them. In the meantime, Peter’s Stone Seeker website is a cornucopia of interesting links and pieces for the long evenings ahead.

Next up is something in a similar vein, but coming from a very different historical perspective. Cornwall-based Jo May will be recounting the story of his experiences of living in the west of the county. In particular, he will be describing what it was like to live close to an enigmatic fogou (a subterranean passage of some antiquity) – in fact it was in his garden near Lamorna Cove. As is evident from his book of the same name, it became very much an integral part of his everyday life. Part practical landscape dowsing, part earth mystery intuition, this looks like being an ideal event for dowsers of all persuasion in the run up to the midwinter festivities.

Arrangements are being put in place for next June’s South West Dowsing Festival (DFest for short) to be based in the village of South Zeal just north of Dartmoor. The concept is that all of the south west dowsing groups will be (broadly) within about an hour or so’s drive of a central venue – although others attending may prefer to set up camp. There is some B&B available locally too. Ideally, it will be a low-cost, locally sourced and provided event – fronted by the Devon Dowsers and the Somerset Dowsers, but with input most welcome from the Trencroms and ourselves. More details to follow later.

I am sorry to have to report the passing over of former member, Bob Tully, from Wembury, after a long illness. Bob was a regular in the earlier days of the TDs and attended many of Alan Neal’s courses and expeditions.

Also, our colleague Henry Owen suffered a heart attack recently, which has sidelined him for the time being. Our very best wishes to him for a full and swift recovery.

Hope to see you all again soon.  


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