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NEWSLETTER – November 2016

Winter draws on!

 The second of our autumnal season of events was the workshop on the function, nature and very existence of Leys, Ley alignments and Ley lines. Thankfully, the TDs are too diplomatic and well-mannered for any real fireworks, but it is a topic that can engender a heated debate in some quarters – and after this curtain raiser, I may try to do something similar amongst those in the dowsing community with more sharp-edged and deep-seated opinions.

 Our next presentation (on Sunday December 4th) is by Sean Ferris, a healer and allergy specialist from Totnes, who will be talking to us about his modern take on the subject and worldview of alchemy.   It is easy today to write off the alchemists approach as a pre-scientific cul-de-sac. However, they had the same information background to work with as we do, and their lines of reasoning may not have been quite so whacky as some would like to think. Sean gives a 21st Century reinterpretation of the alchemist’s ‘art’, and applies it to our current parlous global condition. Having already heard this session once myself, I know you will find it a fascinating mixture of practical information and thought-provoking ideas. An ideal pre-solstice winter warmer – do tell your friends (and bring them along).

 We will be taking Sean to lunch at The Manor House Inn at Rilla Mill, which currently seems to be the most appropriate venue. However, it has fewer places for diners, and treats callers on a first come, first served basis. If you are looking for an alternative, naturally The Racehorse is by far the closest option and, on a trial of one visit, The Cheeswring Hotel at Minions had a good choice of reasonably priced meals. The Archer at Lewannick is another possibility, and not too far away, but I have no personal experience yet of what it has to offer to Sunday lunchers.

 A polite reminder that the renewal of subs for the forthcoming year is underway. Please bring your surplus dosh with you to the next event, or send your remittance to our Treasurer, Pete Bousfield at Hillbrook, Middlewood, North Hill, Launceston PL15 7NN. We will keep the cost at £12 single membership/£18 for a family at same address for 2017, but next year we will need to increase it a bit – probably to £15/£22. In the absence of a Committee, this is just a guess at what we might need in 2018, and what people will feel it is reasonable to pay – but my dowsing says that (all other things being equal) we should be in the right region, and anyway you can’t please all of the people all of the time (although we do try!)

 Hope to see you all again soon.                                                                         Nigel

Contacts and forthcoming events for other local dowsing groups:

Devon Dowsers – Gwynn Paulett (

Tues. 10th January             John Moss           Geopathic Stress in the Home and Landscape

John has been a dowser for about 20 years, is a registered practitioner and tutor – and was formerly the Director of The British Society of Dowsers.

 West Cornwall Dowsers – Bart O’Farrell (

 Trencrom Dowsers – Jill Moss (

Saturday 3 December: Danu Fox.  Earth Singing: Singing the Song Lines.  Danu celebrates on Trencrom Hill or Carn Lês Boel on International Dowsing Days.  This year she also presented workshops on Songlines at The British Society of Dowsers’ Annual Conference. 


            TAMAR DOWSERS


Sunday 4th December

Talk by Sean Ferris

A Modern Alchemy:

The Great Work in a Consumerist Society

North Hill Village Hall PL15 7PA

(about 3 miles north of Upton Cross

in East Cornwall)

Starting at 14.15   Everyone welcome

Free to members – non-members £4

(includes refreshments)

Sunday 15th January

Talk by Terry Faull:

The Small Pilgrim Sites Network

Arrangements as above

Sunday 19th February

Talk by Helen Fox:

The Holy Wells of Cornwall

Arrangements as above

Sunday 19th March

Talk by David Lockwood and Valerie Gosling: The Work of the Duchy Healers

Arrangements as above

TBA – April

Return of the Local Beanpole Fayre -

probably near Pensilva. Details to follow!

Demonstrations and tuition for the general public.

TBA – probably October

Peter Knight

talking about his new book Dartmoor Mindscapes -

considering ancient Dartmoor from an intuitive and a shamanic perspective – ‘cognitive archaeology’.

Please note: While every effort is made to ensure that the events run by the Tamar Dowsers are well organised and well thought out, those attending any of the above events do so entirely at their own risk.

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