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 NEWSLETTER – January 2019 

Greetings fellow dowsers. 

2019 got off to a flying start with over 50 members and friends turning out for the very well received talk by Alan Jones and Sue Edwards (see attached).  From the animated hubbub that followed the presentation, it was apparent that there was much to talk about between members, as well as between those attending and the presenters. 

With the membership nudging towards 70, and more people getting involved in the running and administration of our burgeoning programme of events, we are certainly a group that is alive and kicking. 

On that topic, the Tamar Dowsers now have a Facebook page, thanks to TDs member Paul Gerry. This will enable us, as a community of dowsers and friends, to post and exchange information on a more informal and spontaneous basis.  We will continue to have both periodic Newsletters and the anchor of the website.  Please feel free to join the TDs Facebook page group by opening Facebook, searching for Tamar Dowsers, and asking to join.  You will be very welcome.  Paul will act as our ‘moderator’ to ensure that we do not have inappropriate material posted on the page.  

The experience of the surge of interest around the talk by Andy Burnham in December made us realise just how easy and effective distributing details and anecdotes in this manner actually is, even in the somewhat arcane world of dowsing.  Paul has a similar Facebook page up and running called Dowsing in Devon, which now has over 200 members, and I understand that Jill Moss has started up something similar for the Trencroms, entitled Dowsing in Cornwall.  By all means have a look at these to see what it is all about.  If you need further ‘technical’ information, please contact Paul on

Our next indoor event is on Sunday 17th February, when we have Dr Andrew Tresidder MB BS MRCGPCert Med Ed, who is a GP from Chard in Somerset.  His latest book Health and Self Careis available as a free download from the web, see  

He is one of many doctors, who believe that patient empowerment is the key to better health in the community.  AT also assists organisations to develop emotional health strategies, to enhance corporate and individual wellbeing.  Andrew has been a GP for 25 years, and has been a long-term user and promoter of Bach Flower Remedies, as tools for personal development.  

He is fascinated by what makes us tick, and how to tick better – ideally without too much effort (but nothing comes without some input). 

His talk will look at what it is to be a human being, how our software works, ways to help it work better and ways to retune – including Bach Flower and other essences, acupressure and some chakra work.  

Andrew’s previous book titles include I’m Fine, Learning to Unblock Our Emotions, and a small contribution to Bach Remedies and Other Flower Essencesby Vivien Williamson.  Health and Self Carewill be available on the day, as will Bach Remedy sets at a special price.      

Following that, we have a return visit by good friend of the TDs, Adrian Incledon-Webber.  Adrian’s new book, Spirit and Earth, written with fellow Hamish Miller acolyte, Tim Walter, will doubtless form the basis of his presentation. 

  • Dowsing is limited only by the extent of your imagination.
  • So what makes a site Holy? Is there actually a difference from a Sacred Place?
  • We cannot know for sure what our ancestors were truly thinking when they built Avebury and Stonehenge. All the information suggests they were and still are important sites of worship.
  • So, was the location of these monuments to do with the pre-existing energy patterns, or for some other reason?  
  • What was considered the first Sacred Site or Holy Place, and what makes them so?
  • How strong a part does a human emotion and intent play in all of this?
  • What influence does Mother Nature and her Elementals have at these sites?
  • What was the very first Sacred Space and the first Holy Site?

During his talk Adrian will hopefully answer these and many other interesting questions. 

Denise and the team hope to see many of you again soon.


Forthcoming events by other local dowsing groups: 

Devon Dowsers

Tue 12thFebruary Past life regressionwith Chris Hytch.  Practice examples and the accompanying healing process, plus a demonstration of some esoteric uses of dowsing. 

Trencrom Dowsers

Sat 19thJanuary: Anu van Warmelo – Healing with Feng Shui/Geomancy   



Sunday 17thFebruary

Dr Andrew Tresidder

The Essence of Being, Human Software, and Retuning using Bach Flower Infusions

North Hill Village Hall PL15 7PA

(about 3 miles north of

Upton Cross in East Cornwall)

Starting at 14.15   Everyone welcome

Free to members – non-members £4

(includes refreshments)

Sunday 10thMarch

Adrian Incledon-Webber

Spirit and Earth

North Hill Village Hall PL15 7PA

(about 3 miles north of

Upton Cross in East Cornwall)

Starting at 14.15   Everyone welcome

Free to members – non-members £4

(includes refreshments)

Sunday 7th April


Marcus Mason

How the Acupuncture Meridians can inform us about working with Earth Energy LinesArrangements As Above


Visit to Mount Edgcumbe

Details TBC

Date and Venue TBA


A field trip with Nigel Twinn

The Linear Landscape

A joint outing with Devon Dowsers

Sunday 20thOctober


Sue Weaver

Crystals and Crystal Healing

Arrangements As Above

Sunday 10th November


Sue Wallace and Peter Knight

Albion Dreamtime 

Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons

Arrangements As Above

Please note: While every effort is made to ensure that the events run by the Tamar Dowsers are well organised and well thought out, those attending any of the above events do so entirely at their own risk.




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