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Tel. No:







I enclose annual membership of:

£12 single – £18 couple or family at same address

 Please return this form to:

          Ros Twinn,   Membership Secretary

         Heather View,   Bolt House Close

          Tavistock,   Devon     PL19 8LN

          Tel. 01822 612403


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  By completing this Tamar Dowsers (TDs) membership application form, you are agreeing to the TDs contacting you by using these details.  The TDs will not release any of this information without your specific agreement.  Contact details will only be used for the purposes of TDs and other dowsing-related communications. If you wish all or any of the above details to be deleted at any time, please contact the Membership Secretary listed above

Personal Images.By completing this Tamar Dowsers membership application form, you are also agreeing to the use of photographs, which may contain an image of yourself, on TD communications, including our Website, Newsletter or Facebook page.  If you have any objection to this, please contact the membership secretary, as above.

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