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Who are the Tamar Dowsers?

The Tamar Dowsers

were formed by

Alan Neal and Jacki Ellis-Martin

in the spring of 2002 to promote the 

ancient craft of dowsing

in the Tamar Valley.

We host regular dowsing events

throughout Devon and Cornwall.  

Dowser3cl  The group holds interesting and varied talks during the winter months, using the Village Hall at North Hill, near Launceston in East Cornwall as our base.  

  The presentations are usually held on Sunday afternoons   and start at 2.15pm.  

Entrance to all of the talks is included in the annual subscription for members of the Tamar Dowsers – and is currently £4 for visitors.  

Please see the diary page for more details.

The Tamar Dowsers are Affiliated to the

British Society of Dowsers

 Our Next Event




A talk by

Dr Andrew Tresidder

The Essence of Being, Human Software and                         Using Bach Flower Infusions

North Hill Village Hall

PL15 7PA

(about 3 miles north of Upton Cross in East Cornwall)

Starting at 14.15

Everyone welcome

Members free – non-members £4

(includes refreshments)














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